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How to use NutriPure Natural Food Powder?

Are you confused on how to use NutriPure powder? Here are ways you may use our freeze-dried and dehydrated vegetable & fruit powders! It can be used in many ways to extend flavor and nutrition to everyday food and elevate them to a new flavor and style profile.


You can add our powders to:

● Cereal: adding a little extra fruit powder can give you whole new flavors to your bland cereals.

● Yogurt: mix fruit powder with plain yogurt for color change and added flavor.

● Oatmeal: oatmeal can be boring. Just sprinkle vegetable or fruit powder on your oatmeal for a colorful breakfast.



● Pancakes: extend the nutrition of your favourite pancake recipe by adding just a tablespoon of our powder.

● Smoothies: use fruit powder in your morning smoothies in place of whole fruit if you’re not a fan of the textures/seeds,etc or to intensify the flavor.



● Bread: colorful bread as breakfast to brighten your day!

● Muffins & Scones: you can add an extra burst of flavor by adding our fruit / vegetable powders to your favourite mixes..

● Homemade Marshmallows: use our powders to add colors to embellish your marshmallows.

● Whipped Cream: imagine what it would taste like with just a little bit of strawberry powder mixed in and then layered between your strawberry shortcakes.




● Homemade Ice Cream: mix into your favourite ice cream recipe to intensify the color.

● Cake Batter: mix with cake batter to change both the flavor and color.

● Pie: use our powders to help thicken a pie or to intensify flavors.

● Tea blends: using lemon powder can be a great way to have lemon-flavored tea even if you’re out of fresh lemons!


When using vegetable powder or fruit powder, you can always experiment with quantities by adding desired amounts into your own recipe! Have fun with Nutri Pure 100% natural vegetable and fruit powders!wink